Inspired at Inst-Int


I attended Inst-Int , an interactive art festival in New Orleans, as the Artist Fellow. It was an inspiring three-day conference where I got to connect with old and new like-minded friends. My former colleague David Wicks presented Diffusion Choir.

As with Eyeo last year, there was a lot of conversation around activism. Golan Levin shared with us this image from Women's March. Let's use what we do best - creative designs - effectively to speak our minds.

Virtual and mixed reality developments in Seattle


I've relocated to Seattle to focus on VR/MR developments and explore this new medium for interactive art. It's good to be back in my second hometown after 15 years. If you are a fellow Seattleite interested in VR, I'd love to connect!

Thank you all for coming out to play with digiPop at Mpls Center for Digital Art!


Big thanks to @museumpaige for hosting!

digiPop at Eyeo 2016


I shared digiPop with the friendly crowd at Eyeo. What a great festival - it was so inspiring, and I enjoyed every moment of it.

digiPop will be displayed at the Mpls Center for Digital Art in Minneapolis on June 8, 2016!


Urban Weather Generator is presented and published on IBPSA Building Simulation Conference


My advisor Christoph Reinhart will be presenting our research at 14th Conference of International Building Performance Simulation Association at Hyderabad, India.

I joined Sosolimited as a full-time creative developer


I joined the fun and the most creative crew at Sosolimited as a creative developer. Let the fun begin!

See the blog post on their website

Urban Weather Generator is presented at the Ninth International Conference on Urban Climate


The conference was a blast in a beautiful city in Toulouse, France.

SwingTime opening night


So great to see so many (literally) lit-up faces!

Bloom at GSD Platform 7 Exhibition


Bloom is printed as a life-size poster at Harvard Graduate School of Design.

Bloom is featured in designboom


Read the article on designboom

Bloom is published on GSD Platform 7


You can purchase a copy of the book on Amazon

We are presenting Sprout at the 100k Competition at MIT!


With Ling-Li Tseng . We are one of the finalists!

Kinetic Origami


We've been experimenting with origami and kirigami as kinetic structures for Sprout. I'd like to share some of the coolest patterns and mechanisms that we've found on the web.

Elod Beregszaszi's Three Spine Concertina Fold.

Hyperbolic paraboloid folds bi-directionally.

Three constant thickness panels, inspired by Tomohiro Tachi's design.